5 Stars & 4 Paws Up

“Stylish yet Functional”

They're also the best-looking pet steps out there and fit in well with my style. Easy to assemble, clean, and store!

Desmond A., Creative Director, and his Shiba Inu, Ayon

“Great for Travel”

Having these pet steps has been so great. They're super easy to clean and they nest so it's compact enough to put in the back of my car and quickly head out!

Vincent B., Paralegal, and his (Champion bloodline) Norwegian Elkhound, Kuzma

“Level up Lounging”

Little Theo just loves his pet steps! It helps him easily get to his favorite spots. Plus he loves chilling on the largest step by itself, like it's his personal penthouse.

Jane R., Pet Steps Designer, and her mixed breed, Theo